Sales of electronic cigarettes expected to hit $1.7 billion

Electronic cigarettes are a hot market sector these days. 

How hot? An analyst who monitors the tobacco industry recently said a “conservative” estimate puts their annual sales at $1.7 billion. That’s about double the sales last year.

Why are electronic cigarettes such a growth area?

The easiest explanation is that there are a great many people who are tired of smoking cigarettes, but are not quite ready to give the process of smoking up entirely. Nicotine, of course, is addictive, but that is not the whole story. People could get a nicotine “bump” from patches or gum, but for lots of smokers and former smokers, that is not quite enough.

Many people who have smoked cigarettes say that there is a ritual to it. Taking a cigarette break can feel like a five-minute vacation, and there is something about the process of taking out a cigarette, lighting it and inhaling that feels calming. If you’ve ever heard someone who is trying to quit smoking remark that he or she doesn’t know what to do with his or her hands without a cigarette, this feeling is missing something is what that person is referring to.

For lots of former smokers, e-cigarettes still provide that ritual, meaning they don’t have to deal with a sense of deprivation. Most brands of e-cigarette contain nicotine, and that helps stave off feelings of irritability or withdrawal.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, there are many brands that offer electronic cigarettes (see list of brands here) and they might be an option for you to consider. They have proven to be a good choice for a many ex-smokers.


Saving Money On The Cost Of Electronic cigarettes

While electronic cigarettes do have a lower cost associated with them than using tobacco, they still have a significant cost. After accounting for the cost of the electronic cigarette itself, the cartridges and eventual replacement costs, using an electronic cigarette can still end up being a major expense. According to PR Web, “A pack a day smoker spends around $3500 a year on tobacco cigarettes. The most effective way to both quit and save money is to switch to e cigarettes. By switching to e cigs, users say they save around $2500 a year.” By learning how to save money on electronic cigarettes, minimizing this expense should be possible in no time at a ll.

Avoid purchasing electronic cigarette brands or flavor that you don’t end up enjoying by taking advantage of 30 days money back guarantees. Most electronic cigarette companies offer such guarantees.

Take advantage of electronic cigarette coupons and sales. Whether it is a sale at your local smoke shop or at an online shop, it is often possible to save 20-40% on the cost of your supplies if you time your purchases right.

Buy your electronic cigarette supplies directly through the source instead of through a middleman. Although you may have to wait for your shipment to come in the mail, buying direct typically results in an automatic savings of at least 20%. Consider buying in bulk for even further savings, as bulk purchases reduce the cost of shipping and allow you to purchase more for less.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions at all about saving money on the cost of electronic cigarettes.

Advantages Of Switching To An E Cigarette

There are a number of inherent disadvantage associated with smoking tobacco. Whether it’s the sharp smell on your fingers, face, clothes and hair, the inconvenience of having to step outside every time you want to have a smoke or the high cost associated with the habit, smoking can truly be a hassle. Thankfully, by switching to an e cigarette, it is possible to still consume nicotine, but in a manner that is hassle free to your lifestyle.

The electronic devices have came a long way from they were originally released. According to HealthGuidance, “The current version looks more realistic and is comparatively more user friendly as compared to the earlier ones. The user gets almost the same satisfaction as the conventional cigarette. However, the major advantage is that it just offers ‘the experience’ of smoking but does not produce smoke. Unlike traditional cigarettes which release a cloud of smoke after a puff, there is no visual residue while using e cigarettes.” Since there is no residue such as that found after burning traditional tobacco, t here is no lingering smell or smoke. These alleviate the second hand smoke which can leave a strong smell inside your home and on your clothes and fingers.

Another advantage of e cigarettes is enhanced employee productivity. Many employers discriminate against those who smoke tobacco for a variety of reasons. These might include lost time in productivity due to smoke breaks and lost time at work or the heightened cost of health and life insurance. Some employers are forcing employees to go through a smoking cessation program in order to retain health insurance or even their job. By switching to vapor cigarettes, you can be classified as a non-smoker, avoiding the issue of employer smoking discrimination all together.

E-cigarette usage is also cheaper than cigarettes. A smoker who smokes a pack a day will save around $600 a year by switching to the smokeless device. Associated smoking costs such as the cost of lighters and increased life and health insurance costs should also be considered as well.

Smoking Vapor Cigarettes Indoors

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively recent development that allows smokers to smoke indoors. One of the greatest controversies about smoking is that it can be bothersome to other nonsmokers present in the area, but that is no longer the case with electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette does not expel cigarette smoke, but rather water vapor that is harmless to those in the surrounding area. More over, the very thing that many people complain about in terms of the smell that traditional cigarettes produce is not present with electronic cigarettes. There is no “cigarette smell” left over when someone smokes an electronic cigarette because water vapor does not produce any smell. This means that they can be smoked indoors, at home, or virtually any other location without being any type of disturbance to others.

Another factor that people complain about when it comes to indoor and even outdoor smoking is that it leaves trash and debris in the area. Traditional cigarettes can and do leave debris as the cigarette physically burns and leaves trails of ash behind. However, electronic cigarettes are cleaner in the sense that they do not leave any type of debris behind as the cigarette does not actually burn. While the device may warm up and heat the censors inside of the electronic cigarette, it does not leave behind any ash so to speak. Also, another concern that people have is the presence of discarded cigarette butts. This problem is eliminated by electronic cigarettes as well because unlike traditional cigarettes, they are not discarded after use. Electronic cigarettes can be reused many, many times and most people will keep them after they have finished smoking for future use.

Electronic cigarettes are really a much cleaner alternative to traditional cigarettes as they do not give off any fumes, there is no ash or cigarette butts left over.

New Yorkers Are Vaping Up A Storm With Electronic Cigarettes

Many New Yorkers are finding electronic cigarettes preferable to traditional tobacco cigarettes for a variety of reasons. The night before a United Nations General Assembly, an upper East Side clothing designer named Maggie Norris had second doubts about using her electronic cigarette indoors. According to The New York Observer, “Do you think I can use this in here?” she asked us, brandishing her electronic cigarette. She turned her back and discreetly inhaled, releasing a puff of water vapor. We stood guard: no one had noticed. Halfway through the ceremony, the designer got up and went outside for an actual smoke. “I occasionally lapse,”she explained as she bummed a Parliament.” Although Maggie finds the use of electronic cigarettes somewhat taboo, they are quickly gaining prominence over traditional cigarettes for a large variety of reasons.

It was mentioned in the article that many electronic cigarette users find e-cig usage attractive for a variety of reasons. These include ease of use, portability and lower cost. Even so, Will, another New Yorker, found it potentially embarrassing to use an electronic cigarette in public. He would rather avoid the potential embarrassment of having to explain why he was using an electronic cigarette indoors or at a park, where traditional cigarette smoking is illegal.

To make matters worse, many public institutions and restaurants don’t make an open exception for electronic cigarette usage indoors. “When we called Manhattan’s prestigious Core Club to see if it would let in someone with an e-cigarette, we were told that “no smoking whatsoever” was allowed in the club.”

It is obvious that the use of electronic cigarettes, especially in public places where smoking is not allowed, is still a controversial issue. While electronic cigarette usage may be preferable to traditional tobacco usage in many aspects, it remains taboo to the public at large.

British company plans to roll out their own electronic cigarettes

Following the lead in American tobacco giant P. Lorillard, who bought into the electronic cigarettes manufacturing realm for $135 million earlier this year, a British e-cigarette company is now producing its own brand and is looking for even greater expansion. With the intriguing company name Totally Wicked, the company’s marketing strategy seems totally focused on protecting its future supply by manufacturing its own product.

A new growth-focused approach

A September 12, 2012, a press release notes that that has been “plenty of coverage” on the health issues and controversy surrounding e-cigarettes, but what about possible future shortages? The e-cigarette industry is expanding at an explosive rate of 500 percent per year. In Great Britain alone, the cigarette brands will have a customer base of at least one million.

Safeguarding against future electronic cigarette shortages

What better way to protect future supplies than and safeguard against scarcity than to make their own product and not rely on Chinese suppliers? Then there’s the issue of inevitable government regulation and critics’ concerns about standardizing manufacturing and design of e-cigarettes. When legislator’s finally come up with specifics standards, Totally Wicked UK intends to be ready to meet the standards, again, without relying on outside supplies.

A Northern England concern

Employing over 30 people in their head office in Blackburn (northern England) the company also operates three retail outlets across Lancashire. In a partnership that would probably raise some antismoking lobbyist hackles in this country, Totally Wicked is working closely with a local university in developing their electronic engineering and design.

Forward looking and getting ready for regulation

The company has no pretensions when it comes to why they want to sell the top e-cigarette brand in the UK. They want to entice smokers towards the optimum alternative to tobacco smoking with the highest quality nicotine and flavors. They are simply into making smoking enjoyable.

Demonstrating a forward-looking approach, they also intend to continue their involvement with regulators (the FDA, for example) and be a part of the process to develop realistic e-cigarette regulations.

Mirroring P. Lorillard’s approach

As the electronic cigarettes brand manufacturing takes root in the UK, as has been the case with American obstacles to bringing the e-cigarette mainstream, prospects for realistic product regulation should improve. Chinese manufacturers are not subject to pressures of consumer or government influence in product safety and standardization. P Lorillard and Totally Wicked UK, on the other hand are already part of the solution.

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