Smoking Vapor Cigarettes Indoors

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively recent development that allows smokers to smoke indoors. One of the greatest controversies about smoking is that it can be bothersome to other nonsmokers present in the area, but that is no longer the case with electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette does not expel cigarette smoke, but rather water vapor that is harmless to those in the surrounding area. More over, the very thing that many people complain about in terms of the smell that traditional cigarettes produce is not present with electronic cigarettes. There is no “cigarette smell” left over when someone smokes an electronic cigarette because water vapor does not produce any smell. This means that they can be smoked indoors, at home, or virtually any other location without being any type of disturbance to others.

Another factor that people complain about when it comes to indoor and even outdoor smoking is that it leaves trash and debris in the area. Traditional cigarettes can and do leave debris as the cigarette physically burns and leaves trails of ash behind. However, electronic cigarettes are cleaner in the sense that they do not leave any type of debris behind as the cigarette does not actually burn. While the device may warm up and heat the censors inside of the electronic cigarette, it does not leave behind any ash so to speak. Also, another concern that people have is the presence of discarded cigarette butts. This problem is eliminated by electronic cigarettes as well because unlike traditional cigarettes, they are not discarded after use. Electronic cigarettes can be reused many, many times and most people will keep them after they have finished smoking for future use.

Electronic cigarettes are really a much cleaner alternative to traditional cigarettes as they do not give off any fumes, there is no ash or cigarette butts left over.

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