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Saving Money On The Cost Of Electronic cigarettes

While electronic cigarettes do have a lower cost associated with them than using tobacco, they still have a significant cost. After accounting for the cost of the electronic cigarette itself, the cartridges and eventual replacement costs, using an electronic cigarette can still end up being a major expense. According to PR Web, “A pack a day smoker spends around $3500 a year on tobacco cigarettes. The most effective way to both quit and save money is to switch to e cigarettes. By switching to e cigs, users say they save around $2500 a year.” By learning how to save money on electronic cigarettes, minimizing this expense should be possible in no time at a ll.

Avoid purchasing electronic cigarette brands or flavor that you don’t end up enjoying by taking advantage of 30 days money back guarantees. Most electronic cigarette companies offer such guarantees.

Take advantage of electronic cigarette coupons and sales. Whether it is a sale at your local smoke shop or at an online shop, it is often possible to save 20-40% on the cost of your supplies if you time your purchases right.

Buy your electronic cigarette supplies directly through the source instead of through a middleman. Although you may have to wait for your shipment to come in the mail, buying direct typically results in an automatic savings of at least 20%. Consider buying in bulk for even further savings, as bulk purchases reduce the cost of shipping and allow you to purchase more for less.

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