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Sales of electronic cigarettes expected to hit $1.7 billion

Electronic cigarettes are a hot market sector these days. 

How hot? An analyst who monitors the tobacco industry recently said a “conservative” estimate puts their annual sales at $1.7 billion. That’s about double the sales last year.

Why are electronic cigarettes such a growth area?

The easiest explanation is that there are a great many people who are tired of smoking cigarettes, but are not quite ready to give the process of smoking up entirely. Nicotine, of course, is addictive, but that is not the whole story. People could get a nicotine “bump” from patches or gum, but for lots of smokers and former smokers, that is not quite enough.

Many people who have smoked cigarettes say that there is a ritual to it. Taking a cigarette break can feel like a five-minute vacation, and there is something about the process of taking out a cigarette, lighting it and inhaling that feels calming. If you’ve ever heard someone who is trying to quit smoking remark that he or she doesn’t know what to do with his or her hands without a cigarette, this feeling is missing something is what that person is referring to.

For lots of former smokers, e-cigarettes still provide that ritual, meaning they don’t have to deal with a sense of deprivation. Most brands of e-cigarette contain nicotine, and that helps stave off feelings of irritability or withdrawal.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, there are many brands that offer electronic cigarettes (see list of brands here) and they might be an option for you to consider. They have proven to be a good choice for a many ex-smokers.